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With over 30 years as a vehicle dealer my life and business was


drastically changed in 2011 when my son Ryan suffered a spinal cord


injury and became a paraplegic. My focus changed from selling


regular vehicles to selling Wheelchair Accessible, Handicap Vehicles. 


I studied the mobility solution business and became a  Certified


Mobility Advisor  in 2011 and a Nationally Recognized expert in


wheelchair van sales and mobility assessments.


Being the Dad of a paralyzed son changed my focus and business


model and my life's work became helping people acquire an affordable


wheelchair vehicle of their own, especially those who cannot afford the


high cost of a new wheelchair accessible vehicle. My used wheelchair


vans are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, serviced and inspected before


they are offered for sale.I love to consult and educate anyone who


needs information on purchasing a wheelchair van to help them make


a good sound buying decision. I also have a really good consignment


program to help people sell their existing wheelchair vehicle.



As the Dad of a paralyzed son, I understand and respect the needs of


my clients. I love my work and I would love to help anyone in the


wheelchair community with my advice or my vehicles.


You can call me directly to learn more or to discuss your


needs anytime â€‹without cost or obligation.


Feel free to click on the above tabs to view my affordable 


Wheelchair Van Inventory,  it changes often.



Call me to learn how I can help you with the following...



*Sell your unneeded wheelchair van


* Buy a Wheelchair Van and save thousands using my strategies

* Discuss your mobility needs and solutions even if I don't have the

   vehicle for you

* Find expert repair technicians and replacement parts at wholesale

     discount prices.

* Find sources for used and hard to find parts especially older lift vans.


* How to finance a wheelchair van.


* How to determine what your van is worth.



*How to handle difficult Insurance Claims


You may also enjoy MobilityVanVideos.com a Facebook Page where I


feature unbelievable people in wheelchairs and the amazing things


they accomplish despite their disabilities.



Visit my YouTube Chanel to see my video presentations



My Google Plus and my Linkedin Profile. www.EJDulina.com




EJ Dulina-704-491-0596 -Call me anytime.



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* I am not a Braun Franchised Dealer or affiliated with Braun in any capacity.




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